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Welcome to Wyld Photography


Hi, y'all...

I'm Rochelle: a midwestern girl who's been all over, and wants to see even more (camera in tow)! I've lived in Nebraska. Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Maine, South Carolina, and I'm now growing roots in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. So long as those roots let me pick up and travel whenever I please.

My somewhat nomadic life has made me a not-so-typical photographer, and I'm ok with that.

New environments feel natural to me. I see the beauty in everything. I lean into the details. I make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed, because I've been the new kid a lot.

 You know that moment when you have a camera aimed at your face, and you don't know where to put your hands, and that really solemn photographer is telling you to smile and you're so stressed you break out in the cold sweats?

Yeah... those are the moments I avoid completely. I take photos that look and feel candid, even if they aren't. Photos in which your smile looks real because it is.


I promise a memorable experience with gorgeous photos you will treasure forever!


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"Capturing the moments of today that will last a lifetime"